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Aw, you shouldn’t have…but I’m SO glad you did! :)

Here comes yet another brag that I have amazing clients. I don’t know if other photographers get showered with thank you cards and tokens of apprecition from their clients, but I sure do!  {{Insert my favorite line “Aw you shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad you did!}}.  Getting a simple thank you card in the mail just makes me glow all day. I am a HUGE fan of thank you cards, in fact, I’m sure half of you blog readers out there have gotten one from me at some point. I know how meaningful it is to me when someone takes a minute to write out their thoughts and mail it to me…and I hope to share as many smiles as I can with people.  My clients seem to be having a hard time sticking to a simple thank you card and are starting to send GIFTS—which is TOTALLY unneccessary!  But the gifts they’re sending are SO thoughtful, it just makes my heart melt. I’m so blessed to have such a great relationship with my clients and I hope that says something about me as a person, and as a photographer. Here’s two of the latest over the last couple of days:

A BIG thank you to Kristen & Kimberly for brightening my week with your thoughtful cards {and the wine and jewelry didn’t hurt either!!}, and thank you to EVERY single client who so much as utters the words “thank you” to me!  I have to admit, I’m motivated by encouragement. I tell Joe this all the time…him thanking me for doing something is what’s going to make me do it again and again.  Every time a client thanks me or a non-client tells me that they love my work, it doesn’t inflate my ego, but it keeps me going! It makes all the hard work SO worth it! So THANK YOU!


Kara Marie

One comment

  1. Amber

    No thank YOU for all you do! That’s why we love you! And I can’t wait to come home and do our anniversary shoot and Ashley’s wedding! ❤

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