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What makes me smile :)

The other day I got the.most.amazing thank you note from Lisa & Vin, whose wedding I shot in June. You can reference their wedding HERE and their photo slideshow HERE. ANYHOW-though it’s not nice to play favorites–these two really won my heart. Their wedding was just SOOOO them! So amazing, so many personal touches…and the two of them together…well, it was just perfection. It was just RIGHT.  The thank you card that I got from them featured the inked impression from one of my FAVORITE shots from their big day…this one:

Here’s the card:

And here’s what it said (and what turned on the water works):

From Lisa- 

“Hi Kara!! I know I have said it many times but I will say it again– your work and enthusiasm is truly amazing.  I can honestly say we could not have found anyone more perfect for our day- it was all beautiful and thanks to you we have a bit of it forever! I really can’t say thanks enough & the accolades are endless!! And I promise we will pick our album pics soon! ~Lisa Marie”

From Vin-

“Kara, you really do have an unmatched personality, work ethic, & artistic sense.  Great fun might last the day, but usually it’s so quick that memories are hard to collect. But your pictures are not just records or chronicles of the day. They’re responsible for the memories each one made.  All the best to you & your family. ~Vin”.

So thoughtful–and to get a separate message from the GROOM!? That NEVER happens!

I know I say it all the time, but here’s ONE more little brag: My clients are THE best clients any photographer could ask for. Seriously. There is NO way that EVERY photographer has clients this cool…because the world cannot be that full of super cool people.  I like to think that I’m the only photog that is spoiled like this. Even if it’s not true, oh well.

THANK you to Vin, Lisa, and ALL of my clients who add to my world and make me smile every day!


Kara Marie

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