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Congratulations Kristen & Ryan | 9.5.2010 | Erie, PA Wedding Photography

Though we vaguely remembered each other, Kristen and I went to high school and ran cross country together. What I did remember about her was her bubbly personality, and the fact we were both  “K Brown” which didn’t cause as much confusion as you’d think because she always ran way faster than I did! Kristen hired me several months ago to photograph their wedding…and I think at the consultation meeting we chatted more about life and random things than we did weddings or photography.  When she started to tell me her planning details, I knew I was going to love this wedding!  About a month ago, she decided to also utilize my decor services {{those who don’t know, I’m the owner & lead event planner of Lavish Events as well…and love all things wedding decor!}}. I helped her pull together a few odds and ends, but for the most part, it was ALL Kristen’s ideas! She  knew what she wanted. 

The wedding was just beautiful. It was thoughtful, touching, extremely well planned out, and SO personal. Photos of her family and bridal party were used as station card holders, there was a sangria toast during the ceremony, a customized interactive guest book which I know she spent weeks putting together, and STATIONS. Ohhh how I love food station receptions!  Stations included a baked potato bar, raw bar, make-your-own pasta station, salad bar, and so so so many more yummy details. She also did a candy buffet, which.was.amazing. AND my favorite the ice cream sundae bar with hot fudge, warm caramel, strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and tons of toppings! So cool! Ok, ok…I guess I’m a little hungry. Time to switch the topic off of food. Sorry.

So first thing’s first….check out the SLIDESHOW of highlight images from the day!!! It’s one of my favorite slideshows to date 🙂

Once you’ve watched that (and wiped away your happy tears…), here’s an up close look at a few of my favorites!

“First Look”

There’s always an uncle that has the sweetest dance moves at every wedding. This is that uncle!  Dancing to “Thriller”!

Kristen & Ryan didn’t do much traditional, and I LOVED it!  No cake cutting, no bouquet toss/garter toss, no bridal party dance, first dance, etc. But of course, at some point the happy couple was BOUND to dance together..and I was BOUND and DETERMINED to capture it! At the very end of the reception the dance floor was finally cleared for a one-on-one dance for Kristen & Ryan. I actually had to bust my camera back out–it was all packed up! But I couldn’t miss this shot!

They also added on the “Click Pics” package to their photography package, so they got some super fun shots of all of their guests. They can all be viewed by going to the Click Chick website {go to “CLIENTS”, then Kristen & Ryan Click Pics}.  Here’s the newlyweds in their Click Pics!

Awesome wedding. Awesome couple. Had a blast! CONGRATULATIONS to Kristen & Ryan on their new marriage!

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