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I have had SO much fun this weekend.  11 boudoir sessions. 11. That’s an insane amount of time spent with some AMAZING women who, regardless of who the photos were a gift for, were really getting these photos done for themselves!  Having an amazing photograph of yourself is a beautiful thing. I don’t morph bodies, I don’t shave off pounds, I don’t camoflauge what you think are your flaws. I’m here to show each and every one of you just how beautiful you really are. Sometimes it’s hard to feel that way…believe me, I know! Especially when you’re working hard all day, and life is just so busy that sometimes it’s impossible to just look at yourself in the mirror and say “Wow. I really am beautiful, inside and out”.  Boudoir sessions are the perfect way to take that little “time out” for yourself…pamper yourself…have your makeup done for you…your hair done…slip into that little something that makes you feel completely sexy and empowered, and then have all of that captured so you can have a visual pick-me-up everytime you’re feeling down or anything less than stunning.

Though I have very strict confidentiality rules and I just cannot share every beautiful photograph that I’ve captured this weekend, every now and then I’ll get a “chick” that will let me use her photos, and I can then share them with you!  This blog post features the absolutely INCREDIBLE  Ms. “K”. I mean, seriously??   Anyone else think this girl should be a professional model?? I spent her entire shoot telling her to go for it…because she just HAS it.  Some people just come alive when the camera is on them, and that was the case here. 

I’ll be posting a little more on the boudoir soiree with some other girls’ pictures {{Once I get them approved by them 😉 }}, but for now, enjoy these ones! BEAUTIFUL!

LOVE the curves here…

And here it is. The winner.  My favorite shot from Ms. “K”‘s shoot. LOOK. AT. THOSE. EYES. I love that birdcage veil. I bought it for my own session a couple of months ago, and I get so much use out of it!

Wow. Just love them. 

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