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Why I’m so thankful…

I don’t care how sick you are of hearing that “my clients rock” …I’m just going to keep on saying it!!!  My day was completely brightened by one of my “Hitched Chick” clients, Amber {you can check out the blog on her May wedding HERE}.

Amber has been BOMBARDING me with clients since I shot her wedding!  I feel like nearly every client I’ve booked over the last couple of months has said “I saw Amber’s pictures and LOVED them!”.  I truly do appreciate each and every client’s referrals, after all, that’s what the majority of my business is derived from. So last week I sent Amber a dozen cupcakes from Sprinkles as a thank you{which in case you live under a rock, or in Erie, are THE best cupcakes in the US! Only there isn’t a Sprinkles near me, so I’m TOTALLY jealous}.  Amber lives in LA and works in Beverly Hills, and there happens to be a Sprinkles within a few miles of her!

So today the mail man knocks on my door with a box. I opened it up and found this…

Since there isn’t a Sprinkles near me, Amber sent me 3 batches of Sprinkles cupcake mix in lemon, dark chocolate, and my favorite RED VELVET!  That was THE best thank you gift any client has ever gotten me, EVER. I quite literally jumped up and down!  Next quest is to bake them correctly! How cool of her!!?

Last week, I met up with Michelle & Brock, who were the “hurricane weather” clients of mine from July 24th. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon in Jamaica and brought me back this little gem as a thank you! SO cool!  I LOVE art, and this was an authentic Jamaican canvas painting, with my name and “One Love” painted in the corner.

And I can’t forget to mention my loving “life partner”, who took me out to my favorite restaurant, La Bonne Vie for my birthday, and then brought me these gorgeous flowers.

It’s been a good week!

I am definitely a giving person. I truly enjoy my work and LOVE giving my clients beautiful images. But let’s face it, what girl doesn’t love when she gets a little something in return??!

I’m so thankful for each and every one of my clients!



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  2. Amber

    I am so glad that you love them! I wish I could do more to show my appreciation!! And I work 3 blocks from Sprinkles and walk there on a regular basis so those cupcakes truly made my day!! Love you!!

    • clickchickimages

      Come again?? You work 3 blocks from there and you’re still rail thin!? Girl, I’d be in SOOO much trouble if I was that close to the best cupcakes on the planet! But seriously thank you thank you! I’m going out to buy a new mixing bowl tomorrow (mine bit the dust) SPECIFICALLY to make these cupcakes!!!

      • Amber

        Yes ma’am – 3 blocks and I have to pass Crumbs cupcakes to get there! My FAV is the chocolate marshmallow!!! OMG Kara you would do things you never thought you’d do for a cupcake!! And you’re so very welcome! You have to take pictures of the finish result!! ❤

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