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It’s BIRTHDAY time!

I don’t post personal blogs often enough (or ever)…but then again, my work is very personal to me….so it all works out!  Yesterday was my son’s 3rd birthday party! Anthony’s birthday is next Monday, exactly a week away from mine, I really truly feel old, and I KNOW that everyone out there reading this who is older than me is now throwing things at their computer monitor. Nonetheless, I feel completely old. Deal with it!  3 years ago today I was EXTREMELY pregnant, EXTREMELY uncomfortable, and EXTREMELY ready to have this little monster that had been taking a beating on my internal organs for 9+ months.  Here’s a shot of me at one of my baby showers in Florida…and that was about a month before d-day. Holy huge.

{{By the way, I believe I was explaining the term “dilated”}}

And yesterday was Anthony’s birthday party.  He had SO much fun!  And, of course was completely bombarded with unnecessary gifts. But I suppose that’s the fun of being a 3 year old, right?

This is one of his birthday cakes. The kid had a regular cake, an ice cream cake, AND 6 dozen mini cupcakes!  One of my fabulous clients, Mallory, made this cake for him!

And the cupcakes, OH the cupcakes! The fabulous Kim Sprickman of Make Way for Cupcakes made these beauties for us!  We got red velvet, french toast, peanut butter chocolate, and root beer float mini cupcakes, and YES they taste as delicious as they look!

And Anthony got his OWN iPod Touch from his father and I…I know, totally excessive, right??? It was halfway selfish of us, because Anthony plays with ours ALL day, drains the batteries, and won’t give it back! It’s amazing how well he can play the games on there…he works the thing better than I do. Scary! So instead of buying him dozens of toys like we usually do, we just got him his own “phone” as he calls it.

And this is why we had to wait until the very end to give it to him. This was what he was doing for the rest of the night!

The fabulous client that I mentioned before, Mallory, made THIS cake as well for me 🙂 Isn’t it amazing!?! Unfortunately, the clubhouse we rented for the birthday party had NO A/C…so it wasn’t long before the cake started to melt and collapse, but I grabbed some shots of it before hand!  And YES she made those SHOES too! So cool!

And what’s a party without a photobooth? Right?  So I set up a little corner for the guests to take their pictures…here’s ours!

So today, on my ___’th birthday, I am lying low. Just enjoying my son’s company, cleaning, editing, and doing normal day-to-day activities. It’s funny how things change, and birthdays are just not at all what they used to be. I used to not be able to sleep the night before, just like Christmas. Now, I just look forward to my “birthday date” to my favorite restaurant and having a glass of wine and having an excuse not to do a darn thing {although, I usually end up working anyways}.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I still MUCH enjoy when OTHER people make a big deal of my birthday! What girl doesn’t!?



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