Click Chick | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

Teaser Shots | “Rocker Chick” | Lindsay Vendetti Portfolio/Album Shoot

Oooh there’s so many juicy ones from tonight’s shoot, but these ones can wet your tastebuds for now–they’re my faves! Lindsay ROCKED her shoot tonight…and with help from her posse! Fabulous!

Woo! Hot stuff, eh?!   So while I’ve got your attention–please pay a visit to my new website and let me know what you think. The general goal was to SIMPLIFY all while converting strictly to HTML (As a newbie in the website building world, I thought a site that was strictly FLASH was the way to go because it “looked cool” but I didn’t realize it was impossible for Google and other search engines to read flash, making it harder for people to find me! So I switched!!!). So let me know what you think! There’ll be lots added and changed around, but for the most part-that’s it baby!

Well off to get a good night’s sleep, I’m heading to South Carolina tomorrow for a mini vaca! Later y’all!

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