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Brock & Michelle 7.24.2010 Wedding | Lakewood NY Wedding Photography

WHERE to begin with this wedding?? Michelle and Brock hired me a little over a year ago after attending their friend’s wedding in which I had planned through my event planning company Lavish Events.  I remember it so well. I was running around like a crazy person, like usual, and Michelle and Brock came up to me. Michelle reaches out her hand to shake mine and says “Hi I’m Michelle. I need you!”.  For a second I thought there was something wrong at the wedding…like not enough chairs, or some sort of mini-emergency like usual. But then she told me they were getting married, and she desperately needed my help.  Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago.  The planning process was COMPLETELY smooth. We were planning a “Zen” wedding. Very relaxed, calming colors, natural elements, bamboo, a meditation corner, etc etc etc. We were ready to roll….and then the bomb dropped. The “photographer” fell off the face of the planet.  Website shut down, emails bouncing back, voicemail box full.  After the groomie did some research online he found quite a few reviews of her past clients that the same had happened to them. Turns out, she’s a scam artist.  Attourney involved, blah blah.  Amazing that someone could do something like that to people who are planning the most important day of their lives.  Long story short–I stepped in as the photographer. I was more than happy to do so, but a little nervous about being able to pull off BOTH photography AND day-of coordination.  So I recruited some FAB assistants to help me. Little did I know exactly how much I would need their help.

The forecast was calling for some pretty ridiculous storms rolling directly through the Mayville/Jamestown/Lakwood area. Though we made it through the ceremony and group pictures unscathed, the storm reared it’s ugly head at the exact moment the tented, outdoor reception began. It shattered centerpieces, flooded half of the tent, blew down decorations, and caused the lightning that struck the tree to nearly decapitate the DJ, all while blowing out the power. Yikes! Guests huddled inside while the bridal party hid in a separate lobby of the clubhouse. Michelle made the decision that she wanted their entrance and would wait it out…and I’m glad she did!  About 30 minutes went by and the rain stopped. Though we didn’t get power back until much later, the generators we brought in saved us.  The sun came out, guests had a GREAT sense of humor about having to wade through the muddy water to get to their tables, and the party began!  Here’s a few of the details:::

If Michelle & Brock could SMILE as brightly as they did that day, they can truly make it through anything together! The wedding turned out to be a TOTAL BLAST! Everyone had so much fun, the food was great, the music was fabulous, and NOT A SINGLE SOUL who was a part of that wedding will ever, EVER forget it!   Check out a few of my favorite shots throughout the day:::

{{Just thought it was cool that the chair was branded “Lifetime”}}

{{I sent Joe off to catch some shots of the guys while I shot the girls so we didn’t get caught in the storm…and this is what he came back with…and I love it!!!}}

And here’s the tree that fell (haha)::

If you want to view the SLIDESHOW of all of this wedding’s photo highlights, {{CLICK HERE}}

I simply MUST take a moment to mention and thank all of the vendors involved (except that scam artist of a photographer! Ask me personally if you want to know who it is) for making this event a success.

First– my fabulous last-minute Lavish assistants Ana, Stephanie, Courtney, and my second shooter Joe!  I couldn’t have pulled it off without you!!!

DJ- DJ TONY B- Tony Beraducci–This was my first time working with Tony…and he was just fantastic! He kept his cool, even when the tree almost killed him (I exaggerate a little, but it did almost hit him!), and the power went out. I will recommend him time and time again. Amazing job!

Caterer- 3 C’s Catering–Robert & Karen Cross–Also kept their cool when we had to change up the schedule and move the food buffet inside. They handled the lack of power with professionalism. Oh, and the food was yummy too!!!

Bartenders– Monty Shields & Assistant– Though there’s no website, I can put you in touch with Monty if you want a killer bartender for your event.  Everyone’s thirsts were quenched quickly! He was easy to communicate with during the planning phases, and charged a reasonable rate. Very professional.

Florist– C Rosiez–Anita–Although she didn’t have to be there for all of the craziness, Anita was fabulous about working within our budget and communicating with us. The centerpieces were beautiful (sorry for the broken vases–that was the wind!), and the bouquets spectacular!

Cake–Cakes by J0yce & Peggy–I’ve used these ladies several times, they’re out of Fredonia. They’re cake artistry is amazing, AND it tastes amazing! Can you believe it?! It’s usually one or the other! Their “tree stump” cake was PERFECT for this event! (Check out a photo in the above “details” collage).

Transportation–Barnes Limosuine— Their drivers can drive through storms! Sold!

Ceremony Site– Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church– Pastor Hoyer– This guy was just hilarious. The church didn’t have A/C in the sanctuary and everyone was a little sticky…so he made the ceremony short, sweet, entertaining, and got everyone out of there! He actually started the ceremony off with giving Brock a big kiss!

The Firefighters of Lakewood Fireman’s Grounds–These men rose to the occassion to lend a hand (and a bicep) when we needed it!

So the wedding is over, but their lives are just beginning…and from what I’ve seen–Michelle and Brock are just perfect for each other! I wish them all the happiness in the world!!!

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