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Trash the Dress Shoot | Jessica | Erie, PA Bridal Photography

WOW. I knew I was going to LOVE this bride when we were discussing the location for the trash-the-dress shoot that she hired me for and she said, “I know, how about WALDAMEER??!”. To which I responded “YES!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!”. I’ve been desperately wanting to do a Waldameer shoot for quite some time. I was waiting and waiting for the park to open for the summer, and since it has, I haven’t quite found anyone brave enough! Jessica was married in Key West (ahhh) in January and wanted to get one last use for her gown, which rocked, by the way!   So we braved the crowds and headed to Waldameer. I bought some “Walle Bucks” so we could hit up the sky ride. Did you know that Waldameer was so high-tech now? I haven’t been there in literally a decade…and I come back to find they put your “tickets” on credit card looking things with a barcode so you just scan it at each ride! Craziness.  So we hit up the sky ride, the arcade, the carousel, and a few games! So cool! Here’s a few of my favorite shots from the day!

I need to note that the shot below was taken in front of the “Hot Shots” game…I chose it because of the hot pink railings…matched the cotton candy perfectly! As I approached the game, the game operator yells “That’s not the CLICK CHICK, is it?!” Then he obviously read my shirt which said “Click Chick Images” and shouted “THAT IS the Click Chick!!!” And proceeded to tell me that I shot his friend’s wedding and that he loved my stuff, and that I had the best job in the world!  That was just so cool to me 🙂 I guess I chose the right name for my business…I think it sticks in people’s heads better than “Kara Marie Photography”. Before we left he got on his little game operator’s megaphone and said “THANK YOUUUU, CLICK CHICK!!” So funny.  But I told him I’d make mention of him and his giant stuffed Lizard that made the shot!

The ever-famous Whacky Shack!!

So a big thanks to Jessica for being such a good sport {and bringing fabulous blue shoes!}

For more information on booking a Trash-the-Dress or any other type of session with the Click Chick, check out the Click Chick Website.  To book or check availability, email

One comment

  1. wendy

    Thank you so much for these awesome pictures… they are amazing!
    Are you still in touch with Jessica?
    I might be interested in buying the trashed wedding dress as is, no cleaning required!
    This is a serious request and for a good work.
    Please feel free to contact me at for more info or pass my message to Jessica
    I hope you can help me with my project
    Thank you

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