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Brief Hiatus…

I’m sorry my beloved blog stalkers, that I haven’t been filling your feeds with as many posts as usual!  The last several and the next couple of weeks I am booked with Lavish Events clients. It’s so interesting to see the difference in perspective on a wedding when I am planning it and doing day-of-coordination as opposed to shooting it as a photographer. The BIGGEST difference, as a photographer I LOVE LOVE LOVE outdoor weddings for obvious reasons (it’s easier to shoot outdoors and get stellar results)…as a wedding planner, outdoors presents so many more challenges. Last weekend I had a super smooth running Lavish wedding…and of course I couldn’t help but sneak in a shot or two.  It was funny how I had my eye on the photographer the whole time, checking out his technique, his equipment, the shots he was capturing, and the shots he was missing!  We chatted a bit about photography…and at one point he handed me one of his cameras and said “Wanna shoot? Go crazy!!!” To which I responded “I don’t touch Canons, sorry”.  He no longer likes me! Haha. It’s amazing the hostility between Canon and Nikon users. I honestly don’t discriminate against Canon photogs at all, I just play along with the well-known rivalry. Here’s a shot of the cake from last weekend’s wedding 🙂

In other news {{I haven’t been able to stop saying that since college. I was a broadcast journalism major and that was the only transition I could ever think of! So I used it all the time!}, I am officially the last of the photographers existing to jump on the 365 project bandwagon. I know, I’m slow. It’s always sounded like a killer idea, and I’ve always WANTED to do it, but secretly knew that I was incapable of sticking with it. I already proved myself right by forgetting to shoot on day 4. Ugh. But I’m going to keep on trucking! Hopefully I’ll get in the habit. If you’re unfamiliar with the 365 project, allow me to enlighten you. To put it briefly…you take a photo a day, every day for a year. At the end of the year you have photo documentation of the entire year. Kind of cool, right? So I created another blog….yes…ANOTHER blog to keep up with! I will share my photo of the day and a little writeup about the photo. I promise, they’ll get more interesting! Follow along with my 365 project HERE.

That’s all for now! Back to editing!

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