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“Engaged Chick” Erie, Pa Engagement Photos | Christian & Mallory!

To sing the same tune as my last post, it is HONEST TO GOODNESS not that easy or quick for a photographer to finish editing a set of photos! In efforts to have every last bit of work caught up before my vacation next week, I have not left the computer for longer than a minute at a time! My eyeballs are literally going to fall out of my head, and I think my pointer finger and right wrist are freakishly stronger with every single editing mouse-click! Don’t get me wrong, though, this couple’s engagement shoot today had me MORE than excited to turn-out the finished product!  Christian contacted me several months ago to schedule a shoot for him and his GIRLFRIEND…and by the time the shoot rolled around today, Mallory was his FIANCE! Woo hoo!   I always play this little game, when I haven’t met a client before the day of their shoot, in which I try to predict their personality, their style, and yes sometimes even what kind of shoes they’ll be wearing!  You can imagine when I saw these two gems (and yes, I’m talking about the bride-to-be’s royal blue peep-toed pumps!) come around the corner of the Erie Art Museum today, I was in my glory!  Christian and Mallory are architects that met in school, and you could totally see they had a passion for fashion! These shots look right out of a GQ magazine or something, don’t they!?

A huge congratulations goes out to the newly engaged Christian and Mallory who will be married next September!!! 

If you are interested in engagement or “just because we like each other” pictures by the Click Chick, be sure to book soon!  Packages can be viewed on the Click Chick Website, and you can check availability and book by emailing

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