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“Educated Chick” Erie, PA Senior Pictures | Danielle

So it’s pretty much unheard of for a photographer to complete a set of images in less than a day…but with my vacation coming up next week, I’ve been working around the clock to complete ALL of my editing before I leave because I OH-SO-BADLY need this vacation time, I really don’t want it to turn into a working vacation!  And when I say “around the clock”, I’m being quite literal. It’s hard to excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and I’ve been eating right at my computer. So anyhow, I had this kick-butt senior photo session yesterday with Danielle.  We started out at the Erie Art Museum, then headed to Modern Tool Square and a few other random street alleys!  Check out some of my favorite shots from her session!  And CHECK OUT THOSE EYES! Ahh! Killer! 

 If you’re a high school senior and you haven’t gotten your senior pix yet, be sure to book your session with the Click Chick!  Email to book, and check out packages on the Click Chick Website!

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