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Congratulations Vin & Lisa | June 12, 2010 | Erie, PA Wedding Photography

For 10 days the forecast for this past Saturday read “Thunderstorms”.  For 10 days I checked the forecast over and over. On Saturday morning I checked the hour-by-hour….the rain was pushing back little by little…an hour later each time I looked.  By the time I was ready to leave for the Nedresky household, the rain was supposed to hold off until 7pm! Great!! Any extra time was helpful, especially being that Lisa & Vin’s entire wedding was to take place outdoors at Lisa’s family’s amazing home on the lake. Would you believe it didn’t rain A SINGLE DROP the entire evening!? I still can’t believe it. Though there’s the old wivestale that says “Rain on your wedding day is good luck”, I think the person was just searching for a positive when it was downpouring at her wedding. A little bit of rain, ok…but thunderstorms when your whole wedding is outside?! Blech. Those who know me personally (and those who have seen my wrist tatt00!) know that I’m a believer in Karma. From the short time that I’ve known Lisa & Vin, I can tell you,that they have SO MUCH GOOD KARMA coming at them, there was no way it was going to pour at their wedding! These two people are completely amazing and unique.  While I love each and every one of my clients, THIS was the wedding I’ve been waiting for. THESE were the clients that I knew were going to blow me away.  From what I witnessed at their wedding, they have had such a huge influence on their family and friends. I have never seen SO many people genuinely happy to see a man and a woman get married. Lisa & Vin have been together for 10 years! WOW!  Watching them and photographing them throughout the evening was such a pleasure.  Their relationship is so fun, so playful, so respectful, so loving, so AMAZING!  The food provided by La Bella in Erie was incredible. My favorite was the butternut squash and sausage lasagna. Yum!  Later in the evening dozens of desserts (cannolis and ROMOLOS cookies, an espresso bar, and pastries, and even mini Italian Gelato ice cream cones) were brought out!  As a late night snack pizza was served. Everything was just so incredible. NOW for some pictures. {Say it, “It’s about time, Kara Marie!”}

LOOK AT THIS GOWN!!!! Incredible!


I love Vin’s reaction to seeing her come down the aisle toward him.  A little nervous, a lot excited, and crazy in love!

Love this shot! I had a PRIME shooting location during the ceremony {sitting in the grass right in front of the bride and groom}, so I took advantage of it. It’s not often at all that I get the chance to shoot a ceremony from such a perfect location.  The flowers were beautiful and provided by the one and only Carl Larese of Larese Floral.  He ALSO took care of all of the set up of the tent, aisle, tables, everything. It all looked amazing!

There really were too many details at this wedding to possibly mention them all! Below is the place card table….which was beautifully put together by the bride’s mother with rocks she found and collected specifically for this wedding. Each rock had the guests’ name on it, with their table written on the back.  The tables were named after different locations such as “Pettinato Beach”, “Walnut Creek”, “Shades Beach” etc etc.  They also had their vows put on bookmarks for their guests to take… And a mini notebook in their color scheme (blue and red=awesome) that they asked guests to write advice, memories, or any other tidbit on and place in a basket to give to the couple, which would then be matched up with a photo that was taken of them at the wedding! I could go on for DAYS about all the details.

ADORABLE photo of “the girls”!  I adore how Lisa just told them to wear whatever they wanted!

Please note Vin’s red belt!


They had such artistic & talented friends! One did this awesome board.

I love this shot….it’s the bride’s grandfather writing out a list of songs to give to the DJ to play. I don’t know how much of a success it was, but I love the shot nonetheless!

One of the guests surprised the couple with a German tradition of “sawing the log” to show their ability to work together as a team…and they did great!

And of course I HAD to get this shot. Father of the bride reviewing his speech!

The rings!

WOW! Look at that view! Incredible.  This sunset told the weather forecast where to shove it!

Love love love her shoes and his red socks!!!

So Vin told me that it was his and Lisa’s “thing” to get these arm’s length self portraits over their years together! So we handed over my assistant’s camera and captured them capturing themselves! LOVE THIS!

This may very well be my favorite shot from the day! SUCH FREE SPIRITS!!!

Their dance. Was. So. Beautiful. Their first dance was to their song “First day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. Listen to it. Love it. Be jealous of this couple. Because they are just so madly in love and truly each other’s best friends.  Even I who have only known them for such a brief time can tell you that they are each other’s soulmates. It’s such a rarity these days. Beautiful. I cried my eyes out about a half dozen times throughout the evening. And every time I go through these shots again.

What’s the perfect end to the perfect night??  FIREWORKS of course!!! These were set off as a surprise to the guests from the beach below! Incredible.

What a perfect evening. I know now why I was so psyched for this wedding. A HUGE congratulations goes out to the newlyweds! If you’d like to view more pictures, check out the photo slideshow of all the highlights and delicious shots by clicking { HERE! }


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