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Boudoir Soiree | 8.28 & 8.29 | Erie, PA Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is a huge craze right now, and for good reason. It allows a woman to empower herself.  For just a day to be the classy, intelligent, beautiful, and SEXY diva that each of us has inside of us. So many things get in the way of us women letting loose. Kids. Work. Men. Bills. Responsibilities.  It’s exhausting.  With the growing demands on women, we also need to be extra careful to set aside that “us” time. To pamper ourselves. Here’s your opportunity!  I am now accepting registrations for the Click Chick Images Boudoir Soiree.  This event will be held on Saturday, August 28th and Sunday, August 29th at a private location in Erie, PA.   Each client will receive their own private time slot in which their hair will be done, makeup professionally applied, and champagne and hors d’oeuvres will be offered.  After you are all “diva-fied”, you will have a private 45 minute boudoir photo shoot with yours truly where I will coach you into the most flattering, sexy poses. Within a couple of weeks of your shoot you will be sent a link to your own personal password-protected online gallery to view and order your fully edited photos discretely. You will also receive your choice of a 7×9 softcover bedside album, or a leather 4×4 hard-paged mini Kiss Book with your edited images.  Granted, these pictures make a FABULOUS gift for your special someone, but more importantly, it’s a fabulous gift for YOURSELF! Sure, it’s a little nerve-wrecking strapping yourself into a corset and having a lens pointed at you.  Believe me, I know {I did it with a dozen lenses pointed at me at last week’s boudoir workshop hosted by Elizabeth Craig, in which I was the LIVE model! More on that HERE}.  There are limited time slots available for this event, so please, reserve early. To register online, click HERE.  If you have any questions regarding the event, please don’t hesitate to ask! Shoot me an email at and I will personally get back to you within the day!

You owe it to yourself!!! And you’ll be so glad you sucked it up and did it, I promise!!!

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