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Review of Elizabeth Craig’s Boudoir Workshop | Pittsburgh, Pa


When Elizabeth Craig contacted me to see if I would be willing to model for a boudoir workshop she was putting together, I was elated! Though I’m a touch out of practice modeling-wise, I knew  it would be a great opportunity to learn more! I am a photographer myself, and I first met John and Elizabeth through my event planning business.  I was immediately drawn to their style and perfection of their shots…not to mention their AWESOME personalities that light up the room! Though I wasn’t technically an “attendee” of the workshop, I needed it, absorbed it, and learned a lot. When I arrived, John was going over the “holy trinity” of exposure (Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO).  John is a great person to learn the technical side from. He knows the ins and outs and breaks it down into a method you can understand easily…even a blond like me! Elizabeth took over to begin the specialized training in boudoir photography.  She spoke of the best lighting and exposure techniques for boudoir photography, as well as creative posing, ways to camouflage problem areas {which we all have!}, making the space you have work for you, and directing your clients…which is my biggest struggle when doing boudoir shoots. Elizabeth was great about stopping to ask if anyone had any questions, and answering them! She showed great examples in a slideshow of what to do with certain body types/imperfections which was a really big help for me, being a visual person. She never moved on to the next topic without making sure that everyone was up to speed and all questions were answered.
On to the scary part–photographing the live model {ME! AHH}. Strangely I wasn’t a bit nervous at all. Well, that’s not true, the night before I was hyperventilating a bit and I had to have a few glasses of red wine to calm me a bit. But honestly, all of the photographers participating in the workshop gave me a good vibe, and of course Elizabeth was there to lighten the mood. Once I slipped off my robe I was completely calm. She gave each photographer the chance to direct me and was there over everyone’s shoulder observing, inserting her expertise when needed, but being careful not to force HER style on others. She encouraged each photographer to find their own style and work with it. She was also very careful not to take over the photo shoot herself, which is VERY VERY VERY difficult for a photographer to do. It’s tough standing by and let other people take shots and not grabbing one for yourself! But it was clear that she wanted everyone to get the absolute most of the workshop possible, and I’m pretty sure they did! Check out some shots from the workshop:
Yep–all these lenses (and more) on me! YIKES!
After the terrifying part was over {phew!}, Elizabeth uploaded the photos that SHE had taken onto her computer and displayed them on the TV screen large enough so everyone could see what she was doing.  So yeah, turned out being photographed by a group of people while scantily clad wasn’t the scary part! The scary part was seeing myself BLOWN UP on a television, and then zoomed in on to see every pore on my face! YIKES! Anyhow, She then showed some post-processing tips on creating the most flattering finished product including smoothing out skin, cropping, and other cool actions.  Here’s a couple of Elizabeth’s finished shots:
In this shot below, she was demonstrating how she can apply a few actions to smooth out skin, get rid of under-eye circles (hey, I’ve got a toddler, nobody’s perfect! Haha), and produce an overall glow.

Though there wasn’t enough time to look at each photographer’s work, she encouraged everyone to send their images to her if they needed help or advice on post-production. Overall, I walked away from the workshop with more knowledge and giving me more confidence to step into my next boudoir shoot, and I didn’t even TOUCH a camera the whole time I was there. All of the attendees seemed very satisfied with the instruction given.  I would highly recommend Elizabeth and/or John Craig’s future photography workshops to any photographer of any level and I will definitely be attending whenever I can! Hopefully with clothes on!  Be sure to read Elizabeth’s recap of the workshop on her blog!
So, Click Chick clients….have I proved to you that I know the nervous feeling of a boudoir shoot?!  Try it with 10 lenses on you at once!! This was not my first boudoir shoot (GASP! Yes I’ve been in lingerie in front of a camera MULTIPLE times! The pictures make fabulous gifts for your special someone!), and certainly not my last either.  Boudoir shoots are extremely empowering and let women feel like a supermodel…not just for the day, but EVERY TIME you look back at those pictures.  Every woman owes it to themselves to book a boudoir shoot with a photographer you feel comfortable with and love their style! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend Elizabeth Craig of Craig Photography. And, of course, if you’re in ERIE–come see the Click Chick!



  1. Great review Kara Marie! I totally agree! Elizabeth and John did a great job with the workshop having the perfect balance of formal instruction with hands on opportunity.
    Thanks for your willingness to model!

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