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Lots of shipments…

So if you know me at all, or if you follow me on {Twitter} and {Facebook} you probably know that I’m ALWAYS looking out the window waiting for UPS to arrive with my shipments! Today they rang my bell TWICE! I got my new business cards in! Yay, love them!  I always order my business cards from Zazzle and so far don’t have any complaints with them (except for it being a little overpriced)


I’m also making a album/print delivery today!  If you’re a “Hitched Chick” client and you opt for the Ultimate Package, you get an upgraded 12×12 leather album, as well as 50 4×6 prints. The prints come in this adorable acordian file, giving you a stylish way to present your prints!  I have them divided for you into “Getting Ready”, “Ceremony”, and “Reception” folders too!

And here’s a peek inside an album…

If you’d like to check out what else the “Hitched Chick” wedding packages include, you can check that out on the Click Chick Images website.

ALSO in today’s shipment was my bargain branding buy of the century!  Though I have a printer that I use quite often for my branding/marketing materials, I got one of those emails from {Vistaprint} a few weeks ago offering just about everything for free, just pay shipping.  So I decided I would at least check it out.  I ended up getting 350 postcards, 225 oversized postcards, 25 refridgerator magnets,  a vinyl banner/sign, 140 return address lables, 3 packs of sticky notes, a rubber stamp, 3 notebooks, and a pen all adorned with the “Click Chick Images”  logo for practically nothing! I used all the coupon codes that were in the email, plus did a little extra searching online and found a 50% off shipping code, plus a 25% off code. For some crazy reason, ALL of the codes worked! Not sure if I should be sharing that or not, but HEY, if I can pass along a good bargain, I will! Grand total for all of that would have come to about $650, and I got it for $52.80. Woo hoo!

Pretty cool, eh? I thought so!

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