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New Branding! :)

Well it’s no secret that I’m a Facebook and Twitter addict! Social networking brings me about 75% of my business, so why WOULDN’T I take advantage?! Anyhow, thanks to my recent plea for new logo design help on Facebook, I was bombarded with recommendations for some graphic designers/branding specialists, and even sent a slew of logo designs to choose from! I certainly didn’t expect the response that I got, but I’m SO grateful for all of your feedback and assistance!  Within 48 hours of posting, a local graphic designer, Sarah Gamble, sent me a bunch of logo designs she “threw” together for me…and without me even specifying exactly what I was looking for, she nailed it! I selected 3 looks from Sarah’s designs that I will be using. Check them out below!

LOVE the lips one! I’ll be using this on all ‘Hot Chick” shots!

Ow ow! And this one for “Sultry Chick” shots!

I also wanted to mention ALL of the recommendations that I received for graphic designers! I wish I could give business to each and every one of them, and maybe I CAN indirectly by mentioning them all here!

First and foremost, Sarah Gamble who actually did the new logos for me! Check her out 🙂


Jio Vanni

Linear_ (Sean Morphy & Raychel Adiutori)

Pure Motif (Rachel Lusky)

Design Moose (Julie Flook)

Jenn Cassano

Brandon Horoho

GMS Creations (Greg Straub)

Shroeder Creations

SO thank you all again for your recommendations and ideas!


The Click Chick

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