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Playing catch up on my posting!

Well, I’m just realizing now that I’ve been a bad little blogger! No recent posts, but I’ve had about a bajillion shoots since the last time I’ve posted. So I’m going to play catch up. Please try to keep up, I’m going to go fast.

Wow, where to start?! So I’m working on this calendar right now, to benefit the Save the Ta-Tas organization. The calendar will feature 12 local girls slash hotties in different themes…but the overall theme is topless but covered…so each girl will be tastefully topless but creatively covered! You’ve seen the previous post of model Christy Lee…so imagine along those lines, but 12 times 🙂 I’m working very hard to get all of the models shot and edited so that I can stay on top of the June 1st release date! Calendars are available at a pre-sale discounted price of $20 right now until May 15th! To reserve your copy now, and save a few bucks, click here to pay with PayPal.  Profits will benefit the Save the Ta-Tas organization for breast cancer awareness. I’m so happy to be Clickin’ for a Cause and I’d like to take a quick second to thank ALL of the models, hair stylists, makeup artists, and body painter (yes, you read right!!!) involved!!! So far everything is coming together BEAUTIFULLY and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Though I can’t release any of the calendar images (it’s a surprise, duh!), here’s a preview of some of the calendar models that I’ve shot in the past couple of weeks!

Heather… Miss June

Annd Risa….Miss April

Annd Janae….Miss I Don’t know yet…probably November?

And here’s Kat…she’s a childhood friend of mine who also has her own photography business. Occasionally we trade photoshoots for our various needs…I did a shoot for her a couple weeks ago and here’s my favorite series:

Also on the 18th we celebrated my great grandmother’s 88th birthday! Crazy! God bless her—this woman has COUNTLESS children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and MY son is her FIRST GREAT GREAT grandchild! Amazing! Anyhow, I captured an awesome shot of my little guy and her blowing out her candles together. So precious! Well…actually he was really just kind of spitting all over the cake…but either way, great shot!

This past Saturday was the first Click Chick wedding of the season! It was SO much fun, I almost forgot how fun weddings are!  Jennifer and Scott were married in the Garden Atrium at the Ambassador this past Saturday. They had a really fun group, and probably the most fun CHILDREN to photograph too! There were SO many kids that were such camera hams, and I had a blast with that! Here’s a preview shot of the happy couple–a full blog will follow later this week with all of the highlights!

So that’s a quick replay of recent shoots…and that doesn’t include all the boudoir shoots and other surprise shoots that I’m not allowed to share (boooo). My summer is RAPIDLY booking up, but if you are interested in shooting with me, please email me (calling is almost pointless, my toddler is attached to my leg at all times and he’s not the most quiet child!) at and I’ll let you know my availability.  I also revamped the Click Chick Website  a tad, so check that out too! Much love,


The Click Chick

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