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THE news…

Well, here it is, the long awaited news. Maybe you’ll care, maybe you won’t (but those who care, I like better!). The Click Chick is picking up shop and headed south and will be no-longer in Erie PA! It’s a decision that’s been a while in the making, and is being very strategically planned out! Joe and I’s heart is in the heat…and Erie just doesn’t offer enough of it! Not to mention we both want to take our careers to the next level, and unfortunately this region just doesn’t offer the market that we’re looking for in the long run. The GOOD news for you is, that we aren’t taking off until after NEXT wedding season (projected move is November 2011), SO that means I am still accepting bookings through then. And, also, because it’s our home town and I’m sure we’ll be looking for reasons to visit, I will accept a couple wedding photography jobs a year in Erie, PA. Where are we headed?? It’s looking like Wilmington Beach, North Carolina! A beautiful beachy coast city that offers lots of culture, education, art, history, and 4 seasons (minus the snow!).

I’m also on this kick that I’m going to start learning all the things I’ve always wanted to learn and doing things I’ve always wanted to do…like playing the guitar, cooking (well!), running a marathon (scheduled for September), and SURFING! ALWAYS wanted to learn to surf, and apparently there’s a really awesome surf school nearby!

There is still a chance that we’ll opt for a different southern city, but right now, it’s looking like our future home is Wilmington 🙂 Though I’ll be taking off next year, I PROMISE to continue to offer out-of-the-box photography in Erie until we leave! So BOOK while you still can! Check out different package and promotional options on the Click Chick Website and email me at to check availability and book!


The Click Chick


  1. Amber

    Wilmington is amazing!! I almost went to college down there, but was down there for a few summers playing softball and it was absoltely amazing. I can tell you from experience, moving is probably the best thing that you’ll do for you and your family. It’ll be hard at times, but you can always go home to visit which makes it easier!! It’s a whole other world without the snow 9 months out of the year!! Congrats and good luck!! See you soon!! Still SO excited for you to do our photos!!!! ❤

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