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WOW–I can’t even believe how much I accomplished this weekend. 7 shoots in 2 days! And thanks to my super speedy computer, I’m flying through the editing process! Phew. So here’s some shots for you to peek at 🙂

These gems are from one of Saturday’s shoots with Cassie. I heart them.

Alysha and I had a quick shoot for the Fundraising Calendar I’m putting together to benefit the “Save the Ta-Tas” organization for breast cancer awareness. The calendar will be available in May (don’t worry–it’ll run from May 2010 to May 2011 so you’ll get your money’s worth!). Although you can’t see the calendar shot (it’s a surprise, silly!), take a look at these pretty headshots of Ms. Alysha!

This weekend was also a BIG one for boudoir shoots! On Saturday and Sunday combined I did 5 boudoir shoots! That’s a lot of heels and corsets! When it comes to my boudoir clients, confidentiality is of utmost importance! Therefore…the pictures are on lockdown! But here’s a couple from the gala to wet your tastebuds!

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OH how I wish I could share more boudoirs!!! Love them! This is the best batch yet 🙂 A BIG thank you goes out to the fabulous Kristin Brennan for doing hair and makeup!
If you’re interested in scheduling a boudoir session for yourself, please contact me at , I’ve got a special offer for you this month!

The Click Chick

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