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KISS Books = fabulous!

Yesterday I got my first order from KISS Books and although it was just a MINI Kiss (4×4 cute-as-a-button album), I was completely impressed with it! FIRST of all, lets backtrack to the ordering process. I was updated EVERY SINGLE step of the way. I got an e-mail to say the order was received, another when it was approved to move to press, then when it moved to binding, then another to say “it’s shipping out early!” (and who doesn’t want to hear that, right?!). I was so impressed with the constant updates! Then when I actually received the album, I fell in love with the company all over again! The 4×4 leather covered book of engagement shots of one of my clients was nestled in a black and white fabric boutique bag…such a nice touch! The pages were thick and durable, and the printing was flawless. I will certainly be ordering a whole lot more of these beauties, starting with a full sized leather covered sample wedding album!

Flush-mount pages…meaning you can have 1 photo spread across both pages and there is no seam to distract you from the image!

SO fabulous and I am definitely now a “regular”! Clients, if you want the longest-lasting, most attractive way to show off your photos, KISS books are the way to go! They’re available in some fabulous leather or linen covers, and several sizes including the one featured in this blog–the MINI Kiss, a 4×4 (that’s right, it’s PURSE-SIZED, ladies) album! The larger sizes are perfect to showcase and brag about your wedding pictures (and don’t be surprised if you get just as many compliments on the album itself!). That’s all from me, for now! But be ready to see photos very soon of the full sized album sample! I love to boast about awesome companies!


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