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A Humbling industry…

“Professional Photographer” is a term that I’ve found is thrown around a little too loosely in this industry. Sometimes I find myself guilty of this…am I REALLY a professional? Sure, I have professional equipment, a professional website, a professional education, and I act professionally…but does that make me PRO photog? Probably not. I catch myself every now and then saying “professional” about my own work…but more often than not you’ll hear me correct myself…”I’m Kara Marie and I’m a photographer”. Not to say I don’t do a good job. The point is, I consider the term “professional” parallel to the term “expert”. Do I know how to use a camera and take a captivating image, yes. Have I learned most of what there is to know in the industry, HA NO! Occassionally I’m approached by someone who is interested in shadowing me, or wants me to teach a photography workshop because they’ve seen my work and love it. I decline, politely, of course…but all the while laughing HYSTERICALLY inside! I need to be TAUGHT, not the one TEACHING. I am SO, SO blessed to be a part of an industry that’s ever-changing. There’s always new technologies, new techniques to learn, and certainly always someone who’s just a step (and an entire staircase) ahead of you professionally. I try to stay as humble as possible in all walks of life….both professional and personal. I feel that I set my prices according to my abilities, and that is why they are steadily increasing.

Some people often ask me in shock how it came to be that I run 2 businesses at the tender age of twenty-something (you didn’t actually think you were going to get my real age out of me, did you?!). My answer of “I just did it!” always baffles them. Of course it’s easier said than done…and of course I put back breaking, heart breaking, and bank breaking efforts into both Lavish Events and Click Chick Images. Truth is, I’m probably one of the most impulsive people you will ever meet. I decide something sounds like fun, and I do it. (Hence the ALMOST Kara Marie business ventures including, but not limited to: jean design, cupcake baking, wedding favor craft & design, floral design, cake design, and makeup artistry. Not to mention the employee positions I’ve held of cell phone, wedding dress, and gym membership sales…and let’s not forget bartending). Bottom line, I’m a creative person, and I’m a go-getter. A blessing and a curse type of combination! I’m so happy to say that I’m completely excstatic in the wedding planning and photography industry, and know that I will continue to advance my skills in both fields by any means possible. I know now, after years of working jobs that I didn’t like, that I’m here to STAY! My goal is to NEVER work for anyone else ever again. And that, my friends, is my rant of the day! Input?


  1. I’ve always heard that the term ‘professional’ means that you get paid for your work… and in that aspect, you ARE a professional! 😉 … I think its GREAT that you set your goals so high, and maybe more of us should!… but equating professional with expert, I think, is not giving yourself enough credit. You basically said it yourself in this blog, with all the time you put into this industry, people love your work BECAUSE of all that time, effort, money, and passion you exert in your work! I also think its ok to teach others what you know… you dont have to be an expert to teach… even expert teachers, in any field, are still learning themselves. If someone wants to learn from you, its because they noticed that you have a talent or a gift that they themselves would love to adhere to… and why not share what you already know? 🙂 even if you dont think its enough… its aparently enough for those inquiring! I remember in 6th grade, sometimes we would get asked to help out some 1st graders with reading. Sixth graders aren’t experts, but they are able to teach those who arent quite to their level. Know what I’m sayin? … you should be honored that you’re not only looked up to, but that you have so much to offer & people Want that for themselves! Thats Great!!! So if you ask me, you have every reason to call yourself a professional… and Proudly!


    • clickchickimages

      Aw well thanks so much for your input 🙂 I just hold myself to a very high standard, and feel like I have so much to learn! But I AM proud of myself and my work!

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