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Behind the scenes (aka my to-do list)…

EVERY single day, I start my day with one of these ^. A multiple page to-do list. Some people think working for yourself is cake…and while there ARE perks (note I haven’t worn anything other than *lounging* clothes for 3 days), it’s definitely much more difficult than any “employee” position I’ve held in the past. Being a photographer is far more tedious than one would think. Taking photos makes up a very, VERY small percentage of my working time. I’m eternally answering emails, returning phone calls, marketing, working on the website, editing and uploading client galleries, keeping up with Facebook and Twitter (hey, you gotta stay YOUNG and with-it if you want to appeal to the young and with-it demographic!), all while entertaining and taking care of a toddler, AND sometimes even someone else’s child that I help out and watch from time to time! As a business owner, you and you alone are responsible with how business is going. You’re responsible for being the sales person, customer service, accountant, marketing rep, photographer, editor, blogger, organizer, e-mail answerer, receptionist, and trash woman. The entire success of the company falls on your shoulders. No pressure, right?

The perks–other than the previously mentioned “loungewear”– are plentiful. First–no boss! Having a boss sucks. I’m a perfectionist anyhow, and have been far more efficient than JUST ABOUT any boss I’ve ever had anyhow. Shh. Second–quality time with my son! I can plan my work and appointments around his schedule. I work super hard and diligent when he sleeps, and during his “movie time”. Then I take breaks to teach him something new, make lunch, snacks, go for a walk, read, etc. Third, SCHEDULING. If I want to take 4 vacations this summer, I can. I don’t have to worry about scheduling vacation time, or making sure someone can cover for me. Now, don’t get me wrong…there’s NO WAY I’ll be able to take 4 vacations this year…too much to do! But I do have 2 on the books, and hope to have at least 3 next year. Fourth and most importantly…I and I ALONE am the only one responsible for my success. That could be a downfall for some, but for me, it’s a HUGE perk. I’m extremely motivated and success-hungry. I refuse to blame slow business on “the economy”, or “slow season” and others need to stop doing that. You are what you make it. I have not been “lucky” with how successful I’ve been in this business so far. Luck had nothing to do with it! I researched my market, had a great business plan, and I WORK at it! I work round the clock…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, that’s a little peek inside a day of the Click Chick!!!!


  1. This was a great post. And I can totally relate. Having worked for “the man” for a while, it is great being your own boss, but soooo hard too.

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