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Shoot update!

WOW the past couple of weekends have been a complete whirlwind…and of course I wasn’t able to stay up on my posting becuase I was doing SO much editing! Thankfully, I got a new computer (it’s wicked fast, and the monitor is as big as my TV *slight exaggeration*) which means faster output of edited images for you, and the ability to take on more workload for me! So here’s my favorite shots from the past week.

Set 1: Model Courtney–so much fun at this shoot…it was an ALL day production. We started out at my “studio” {by studio I mean my KITCHEN because it has a big sliding glass door that offers lots of natural light, I just set up my backdrop kit and go to town!}, then headed out and about downtown Erie for some killer shots! Please take notice of her resemblence to Angelina Jolie (minus the homewrecker part).

 Set 2: New Mamma Chick Renee–you may recognize her from last month’s maternity shoot! Well now baby Brady is HERE. I had the honor of taking his pictures on his 4th day of life. Amazing..and thank you, Renee, for now giving me baby fever!. 

 Set 3: Click Pics! If you haven’t read about the Click Chick’s newest service and you want to, you can do so HERE.  After meeting with a fabulous October 2011 bride (love the brides that are ahead of the game!), I headed over to On the Rocks {3040 West Lake Road} where the manager Jason was cool enough to allow me to use the bar before hours to squeeze in a marketing shoot!  The models below did a fab job at creating the goofiness I was going for!  There was also a second set of models, mostly friends of mine, who were all dressed and ready for their shoot immediately following the one at On the Rocks, but then decided going to breakfast sounded more appealing…and I agreed! So that shoot will have to be rescheduled for another time…preferably when I’m not as hungry!

Set 4: Mamma Chick-to-be Alyssa– LOVE the below shot of the tattoo’d belly! Ok, ok…so I’m a bit of an ink junkie. But I think this is absolutely fabulous! Alyssa is due to give birth to a baby boy in May…and whether she knows it or not she’s glowing!

SO that’s my favorites from the past couple of weeks…minus the boudoir shoots that are kept private! I’ve been insanely busy, but in a good way! There are so many great things in store for Click Chick…and I want to thank EVERYONE for all of their support! I’m a girl that often needs encouragement, and there’s been no lack of it coming my way thanks to all of you!

Also, please make note that the Click Chick Images website has had some revamping, including a new pricing structure that is much easier to understand! Please check it out along with the new promotions for the month of March!


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