Click Chick | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

This weekend’s Sweetheart Sessions

Being Valentine’s month–I’ve renamed couples sessions to Sweetheart Sessions. It sounds much more festive, doesn’t it!? Anyhow, I had a fabulous weekend of shoots of 3 different couples!

First, I hit up Harborcreek to do the final shoot in my series for the “Book of Sexy” (Applause, please!). Anyhow, I had the priveledge of shooting fellow photographer and childhood friend, Kat with her hubby Jacob (the blonde pair!) AS WELL as Kat’s twin brother Chris, also childhood friend, and his adorable girlfriend Emily (the brunette pair!) who were in for the weekend from Texas–sorry about the weather, guys!  So we froze our butts, and fingers, and toes off but managed to get a bunch of kick-butt shots! Check ’em out!

Right after that fun shoot–I headed to do some engagement photos for Wes and Jennifer. They’ll be married this July. Congratulations, you two!

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