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The four-letter “S” word…

I’m talking SNOW. It’s not ALWAYS awful! In fact yesterday it was fan-freaking-tastic! I had the pleasure of shooting contest winner Abbey and her boyfriend Ryan knee-deep in the fluffy white stuff! Abbey was one of about 60 entries in a one-day photo shoot idea contest I posted on Facebook. She shared her thoughts of a playground shoot but noted it would be TRULY fun to have pictures taken in a snow plow! That’s the kind of creativity that wins my heart! SO, she was chosen 🙂 Unfortunately for us, yesterday’s sun melted all the snow on the roads, so there wasn’t a snow plow in sight (though I swore to them that if I saw one driving past, I’d throw myself in front of it without a second thought!). SO we stuck to the playground idea and got some fab shots at Frontier park! Here’s a few of my favorites!!

More of the photos can be viewed on the Click Chick Facebook page

If you’re digging these shots and want some of your very own before this lovely white stuff melts away, be sure to book ASAP. 814.566.4818 or email!

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