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I wanted to start this blog off with a little introduction of myself and my new company! My name is Kara Marie (that’s what I go by….Marie is not my last name) and I am the glowing owner of 2 fine companies. The first being Lavish Events, a full-service luxury wedding and event planning company, and the second being Click Chick Images. I’ve always had a passion for art, but more so observing it than creating it. My passion for photography started brewing when I became a wedding and event planner about 6 years ago.  It amazed me that photographers could make all the aspects of the wedding BETTER than what they looked like in real life.  I started snapping away myself when my son was born (he’s now 2 years old).  Within the last year I decided I wanted to make a business out of it because, let’s face it, working for yourself is the best way to work! I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography and bought a “real”camera.  Then, the creation of Click Chick Images!

My overall hope for the Click Chick biz is to offer cutting edge photography in the Erie and surrounding areas.  Wedding photography will be part of the service that I offer, however will take second precedence to Lavish weddings. I would like to focus more on boudoir images….sexy shots that a chick can give to her man as a wedding present, anniversary present, birthday present, or for any other reason!  I also offer family photo shoots, model portfolio shoots,  engagement shoots, and photo shoot parties (which you’ll read more about in my next blog!).

That will about wrap up my first blog! I’m excited to grow my business in this area!!


The Click Chick


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